As Servet Jewellery, our Ancient Concept is about rediscovering the jewellery heritage of Anatolia and combining the historical beauty of the ancient techniques with luxury designs of modern day.

     Our jewellery technique comes from a unique 2500 year old historical Anatolian handcraft founded by Lydian civilization. The oldest artifact ever found made by using this technique is the famous “Sea Horse” figure which is being exhibited in a museum.

     The technique involves pure silver and gold in a very extraordinary way: Coiling pure silver and gold wires around silk threads. Each wire we use in our jewellery is thinner than human hair: 0.008 mm in diameter. Using valuable metarials like gold and silver provides beautiful and high-quality look and having each wire as thin as human hair gives the jewellery a soft, silky touch.

     We strive to create modern luxury designs with a 2500 years of passion for jewellery.

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