* When you hold the jewels exhibited in www.servetjewellery.com Virtual Store you will see that they are much more beautiful than their pictures.

* However you may return the products you purchase from Virtual Store within 14 days from the delivery date and are completely refunded.

* In order to be able to exercise this right, the decision of return the product, this shall be notified to www.servetjewellery.com within this period of 14 days.

* You can use communication form for notification.

* In case you return without prior approval of www.servetjewellery.com, the return transaction shall not be approved and your delivery shall not be received.

* The consumer shall not be entitled to right to return the product for the customized products, which are manufactured or modified or made additions on as per request and demands of the consumer.

* You shall return your orders in the form you have received it, and in complete along with the product, invoice, bill of lading, certificate, insurance forms and promotions, if there is any, to the address we will inform to you. VAT and other statutory duties of the product, for which the original of the invoice is not sent, shall not be paid.

* Upon delivery of the returned product, the price of the product shall be refunded to credit card, if the order was given via credit card, or to the bank account, if the order was given via bank transfer/EFT.
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