USER AGREEMENT You acknowledge that you are considered to have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions below if you use the web site and ⁄ or an information on the web site and ⁄ or you register to this web site . Visiting this section during your visit to our site is important so that you can get informed about changing terms. We kindly request that you do not use our site if the specified terms are not suitable for you.


Servet Jewellery, operating the web site, with its registered address at Atakent 1.Etap Selçuklu Caddesi 31/5 Küçükçekmece İstanbul, on one side;

b) Internet user ("User") registering to the internet site ("Web Site") on the other.


The subject of this agreement is determining the terms and responsibilities concerning the User's use of the Web Site.


3.1. Minors under 18 cannot make purchases on the web site. The user declares and agrees that he/she is over 18 years of age by entering and ⁄ or registering to the Web Site.

3.2 You agree that the purchases you make over the Web Site are personal purchases, and not with an intention to resell.

3.3 You don’t need to be a member in order to make purchases on the Web Site. However, we recommend that you become a member to benefit from various advantages and to enable quicker purchases the next time. Becoming a member is very easy and free.

3.4 The user agrees that his/her address, e-mail address, landline or mobile phone number and other contact information that he/she provides at registration or later modifies are legally accurate, that he/she is liable to immediately and completely compensate any damages that Servet Jewellery may incur due to false information, that Servet Jewellery has the right to contact him/her using mail, e-mail, SMS; phone call, and other media using the information he/she specifies for communication, marketing, notification and other purposes, in case stated otherwise in writing, the acceptance of this agreement will mean that Servet Jewellery can contact him/her for the aforementioned communication purposes, and it can use the information for its own marketing purposes.

3.5 The prices and terms of sale of all products sold over the Web Site only apply to the Web Site.

3.6. Servet Jewellery has the right to modify the prices, images, terms of use, and all other information without prior notice, to rearrange the site and suspend or terminate the site's activity if necessary for the Web Site and its extensions, if any. In case a modification is made on the Web Site and ⁄ or its extensions, these modifications will be valid on their publication dates and the user entering ANd ⁄ or using the site will be considered to have accepted the modifications. Servet Jewellery reserves the right to amend and update these terms of use at any time and as it sees fit.

3.7. Servet Jewellery is not responsible for erroneous pricing and content due to typing and system mistakes and reserves the right to cancel orders that look erroneous.

3.8 the trade marks, commercial names, titles, logos, graphs, sketches, visuals, general layout, texts and all other materials and technical data on the Web Site and its extensions, if any, are proeprties of and Servet Koşaca Kuyumculuk Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi that it operates under. The text and graphic files presented on this web site are protected under the copyrights and ⁄ or registered trademark laws or in any other matter as registered designs of Thus, any text or visual material appearing on the web site and its extensions and stated above cannot be used without prior permission. No material or function on this site can be published in any other media , copied, multiplied, modified, reproduced, translated, mailed, downloaded to a computer for any purpose, linked to or used in any website without the express permission of Servet Jewellery. Any other rights apart from the above are also reserved and any act to the contrary will grant Servet Jewellery the right to pursue all kinds of legal and penal avenues.

3.9 Servet Koşaca Kuyumculuk Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti. is in no way responsible from any direct and ⁄ or indirect damages that may arise from entering the web site and its extensions, if any, and the usage of the information and other data on the web site.

3.10 In case a link to a web site/web sites that are not owned by Servet Jewellery is provided from the Web Site, Servet Jewellery shall have no legal/administrative/penal or other responsibilities in any way about the contents of this web site(s) and ⁄ or the links they contain. The risk of entering these linked web sites belongs solely to the user.

3.11. Servet Jewellery has no responsibility concerning the interruption of the User process for any reason, its deletion, loss, delay, computer virus infection, unauthorized access to records, theft, modification or usage of records.

3.12 The processing date of money orders/wire transfers is not the date of order but the date on which the payment reaches our bank accounts.

3.13. Servet Jewellery does not keep all the products it offers on the Web Site in its inventory at all times. The ordered products are produced as necessary. However, the production of ordered products that are not in the inventory may be impossible for various reasons. In this case, the person placing the order is informed through e-mail or phone, and all the amount received for the product is charged back to the credit card or returned to the bank account as appropriate.

3.14 In case it is determined that wrong, missing and misleading, indecent information and statments, information and statements against public order and the laws of RoT; that activities mentioned in Article 1.18 or similar activities are being performed; that an atempt to change or delete the information on the site's contents is being made or in similar circumstances, the right of the user to access our Web Site may be blocked. Servet Jewellery reserves all legal rights against persons and organizations engaging in such activities, including the right to unilaterally terminate this agreement.

3.15 The user cannot share his/her information (including user name and password) with third persons and organizations, cannot access or use other users' information. The user is responsible for all damages that may arise otherwise. All legal/penal responsibility arising from such use belongs to the user.


4.1 The User hereby declares, agrees and undertakes that he/she will comply with the notifications that Servet Jewellery will publish concerning the services it provides, and all legal regulations including the Turkish Criminal Code, Turkish Code of Obligations, Turkish Civil Code, Turkish Commercial Code, Intellectual Property Rights Code, and Brand and Patent Legislation, and that all the legal, penal and administrative responsibility will belong to the user otherwise.

4.2 The User shall not use the Web Site in an indecent way, to disrupt public order, in a manner that will disturb others and illegally.

4.3. In case Servet Jewellery determines that the user is not complying with the obligations mentioned above and ⁄ or the general rules not stated here but specified elswhere on the site, Servet Jewellery will have the right to block the user's usage of the site permanently/temporarily and ⁄ or to cancel the uers's account and unilaterally terminate the agreement.

4.4 The user hereby declares, agrees and undertakes that he/she will compensate any damages that may incur to Servet Jewellery due to his/her actions that do not comply with the obligations he/she undertakes with this Agreement, and that all indemnities and/or administrative/legal fines that Servet Jewellery is required to pay to third parties will completely recourse to the User.

4.5 In case the user wishes to cancel his/her membership, the membership canceling procedure can be executed on the site. In case the membership is canceled, the user's right to access the site will be revoked.

4.6 Keeping all correspondences with Servet Jewellery is the User's responsibility, and in case these correspondences are deleted and ⁄ or lost, Servet Jewellery will in no way be responsible.

4.7 In case the User terminates his/her account, Servet Jewellery reserves the right to delete information pertaining to the account. In this case, the User has no right to claim any rights or compensation from Servet Jewellery under any title.

4.8 The User's relationship with other users is his/her sole responsibility and the User may not engage in activities that prevent/hinder the access of other users and ⁄ or individuals who are not users but use the site (spam, virus, trojan horse, etc.) Otherwise, in addition to reserving the rights to file a claim and in case requested by authorities, to disclose the User's identity information; Servet Jewellery will have the right to terminate the user's account and to claim indemnity for all current/future damages.

4.9. Although Servet Jewellery took all precautions to ensure that its web site does not contain virus, etc. software; the Users have to procure an anti-virus program to ensure ultimate protection. The User shall be responsible for any damages that may occur in their own software and operating systems due to their entry to the Web Site.

4.10. Servet Jewellery reserves the right to unilaterally modify the provisions of this Agreement, to interrupt the services provided to the Users temporarily/permanently, and to modify their contents. In case Servet Jewellery makes modifications in the specified items, it will publish the current situation on its web site. The current terms of use will come into force on the date they are published on the web site.

4.11. Servet Jewellery may disclose the private information of the User when it is required to comply with legal obligations and ⁄ or required to protect and defend the rights and property of Servet Jewellery, within the scope of honesty.

4.12 The opinions and ideas expressed by Users on the web site are the private opinions of the Users and only bind their owners. Servet Jewellery is in no way responsible for the damages that may arise for third parties from the ideas and opinions expressed by the User or the damages for the User from the ideas and opinions expressed by third parties.

4.13 In case it is determined that the User is violating the provisions of this Agreement, Servet Jewellery will have the right to cancel the User's agreement unilaterally and without notice.

4.14 The Paries hereby agree and acknowledge that all computer records belonging to Servet Jewellery will be considered exclusive evidence according to Article 193 of the Code of Civil Procedure, and that these records constitute an evidential contract.

5. VALIDITY Completing and confirming this registration form or using the services provided on this Web Site or placing an order means that the User declares, agrees and undertakes to comply with this Agreement. The agreement may be unilaterally terminated by Servet Jewellery without requiring any notification in case any one of the violations stated above are determined.


Istanbul Courts and Execution Offices have exclusive jurisdiction on any conflicts that may arise from the performance of this Agreement.


7.1 The e-mail address that the user presented to Servet Jewellery will be the electronic mail where the legal address will be requested for any notifications concerning this Agreement. All notifications to the User sent to this e-mail address will be considered delivered 1 day after it is sent.
7.2. The Paries will inform the other party if their e-mail address changes within 5 days, otherwise the notifications sent to the old e-mail address will be considered valid and delivered.

The User declares, agrees and undertakes that he/she read, understood and accepted all the items in this Agreement, and that he/she confirms the accuracy of the personal information he/she provided, and that he/she consents to all the commercial messages sent to him/her following this confirmation.